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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is coaching?

It is a collaborative partnership between a coach and client and offers you the space which is totally safe to think and talk openly. It gives you time to think, talk and take action about YOU and what you really want from the rest of your life.

2. So why coaching and not counselling?

Simply, coaching deals with the future and it concentrates on where you want to go. Counselling looks predominately at the past and deals with emotional issues.

3. So how does it work-we don’t live in the same town?

Life coaching can be undertaken over the phone, face one-to-one and even email.
Often telephone coaching means valuable travel time isn’t wasted. Many clients also find it a little easier to be open from the privacy and comfort of their own environment. It is also natural to combine methods, i.e. one-to-one sessions and telephone sessions.

4. How long does coaching take then?

If you remember earlier we said it’s not about working miracles over night. Success depends on you and the effort you put in. Typically clients work with their Life Coach for about 3-6 months. After initial work is completed many often ‘come back’ to visit their coach with further challenges.

5. How do I know you know what you are talking about?

Life Coaching is growing in popularity and sadly many award themselves the title with little or no expertise or actual skill. It is wise to ensure your Life Coach has graduated or undertaken an accredited training programme. It is also worth finding out if they are a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

6. I hear that Life Coaching is really expensive?

Fees vary from coach to coach but tend to be charged monthly. Click on the investment tab for a fee structure but please note that if you need something tailored to your life style/needs - PLEASE ask!

7. OK-I am up for this, what do I do next?

Click onto the link shown for a free consultation-we need to be sure we can work together and agree how we want to do this. I will then provide you with a pack of
Information and a contract between us.


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