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About Linda Lunn

`Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes’

‘I have completely re organised my cluttered house and I feel like a new person – I cant thank you enough!’
- Geof Davies, retired, Wilmslow

`If you are truly serious about taking charge of your life, Lin is a powerful asset in helping you live what you currently only dream of’
- Cy Murray, Pay & Systems specialist, Farnham

A little about me…

As a professional coach…

I am a professional HR Consultant (Chartered FCIPD) and a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation). I have worked in large retail environments up to and including board level, not for profit, Finance & Banking, BPO and Charitable Organisations. I now work as a HR Consultant and I am a member of the Federation of Small Business.

I am a seasoned coach in business and love nothing better than to develop individuals to achieve great ambition. This led me three years ago to consider Life Coaching - and really get serious about it! Sadly not everyone does get serious about it which sometimes can bring Life Coaching into disrepute. Whilst there is not a formal degree I have completed both the certificate and diploma in life coaching. It remains important to me to be professional and `know my stuff` with anything I do or become involved in. I now have a small life coaching practise and my client base reaches from Surrey to Newcastle. In addition to this I am a non-executive board member for Pure Innovations Ltd.


I am a Mancunian by birth but have lived and worked in both north and south England and in Germany. I have settled in Cheshire but have family on the Fylde coast. I am divorced with no children. My star sign is Virgo, so I can assure you I am the perfectionist – if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right! This is great for me but a bonus for my clients!
I left the big Corporate world in April 2005 and focus now on HR and Life Coaching. I have a great love of costume jewellery and run parties, talks and sessions on the subject – this gives people chance to try on and experience all the new ranges of fashion jewellery which they may not have otherwise done. Of course then you can always buy some!
My philosophy is always to seek to understand before being understood, sometimes very difficult but a great skill and one you may be aware of if you frequent Stephen Covey’s literature. I am a great listener, and some would say too calm at times! You will always see me smile chose whatever the weather or circumstance. I truly believe it costs nothing (only the lines on your face!) and lifts not only your spirit but those around you too.


‘Lin really made me realize that I can do what I really want, instead of sitting around waiting for it to happen’
L Staines, sme - Bradford

‘The work we did on values was excellent, it’s made me think more about me and what I want and then go and do it!'
K Seth, HR Professional, Newcastle

`Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes’

© 2007 Linda Lunn - Life Coach.
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